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Paper Street Audio Company

Professional live and studio audio engineering

Barefoot MM27 micromains
Focal CMS 65 monitors
Avantone active Mixcubes
KRK RP6 G2 active monitors
Dangerous Monitor ST
Furman HDS6 with HR6 stations with AKG and Audio Technica Headphones

Outboard Gear

API Lunchbox w/512c pre(2), 525 comp (2)
Chandler Little Devil EQ (2)
JDK Audio R24 EQ
Bricasti M7
Eventide DSP7000
Lexicon PCM80
TC Electronic FireworX
Roland RE-201 Space Echo
Alan Smart C1 
Empirical Labs Distressor (2)
Overstayer Compressor
Dangerous 2Bus LT
Drawmer 1960
SansAmp PSA1
Avalon U5
Focusrite ISA 428
DBX 160 subharmonic synth
ADA8000 mic pre converters (2)
Countryman Type 85 DI
Radial J48 DI
Pro CO DB1 (2)

Roland TR909, Jupiter 4 and Juno 60 with Covariance Midi, TR606 w/exfade and quicksilver mods, and D550
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Alesis Andromeda A6
Ensoniq ESQ1
Oberheim Xpander
Fender Chroma Polaris II
Korg Paulysix (Polysix with Kiwisix and other mods), Prophecy, and EX 8000
DSI Mono Evolver Keyboard and Tempest
Moog Source
Waldorf Blofeld
ARP Odyssey mkII (moog filter)
Yamaha TX81Z and TG33
Electron Machinedrum UW MKII
Yamaha RY30
Kawai R50e
Motu MiditimpieceAV USB's x2, MicroLite, and Fastlane midi interfaces
M Audio Axiom Pro 61
NI Komplete Synths
NI Komplete
NI Maschine
Izotope Iris
Arturia V Collection
GForce Imposcar and Oddity
Fabfilter Twin 2
U-HE Diva
Camel Audio Alchemy
Korg Legacy Collection
UVI Digital Synsations
Stylus RMX

Soundelux U195
Miktec CV4
Neuman TLM103
Sennheiser MD441, MD421 (3), MKH40, MKH80, and ME66/K6.
Beyer MC740 and M88
Little Blondie matched pair
Oktava MK012 matched pair (Sound Room matched, Michael Joly modded)
Shure SM7b, KSM32, SM81 (2), SM57 (3), SM58, Beta 58, PE54D Unidyne
Sony ECM MS957 stereo mic
EV 664 vintage
Lafayette PA42

Power Conditioning
Furman IT1230 isolation transformer and balanced power supply

Computers and Audio Interfaces
Mac Pro, Mac mini, and Macbook Pro computers
Metric Halo Mobile I/O - ULN8, LIO8, and 2882 w/2D and +DSP x 4
Mackie Control Univeral Pro with fader and C4 expanders
Primera Bravo II Disc Publisher
Frontier Designs Tranzport wireless controller

Apple Logic Studio Pro 
Digidesign Pro Tools
MOTU Digital Performer
Ableton Live Lite
Sony Sound Forge Pro
BIAS Peak Pro
Twisted Wave
Wave Editor
Sample Manager
Roxio Toast Titanium Pro
QLab (with full licenses)
Final Cut Express
RF Guru
Shure Wireless Workbench
numerous others

Waves SSL 4000, Horizon, and Restoration Bundles
UAD2 loaded with additional plug ins
Metric Halo Spectra Foo, Channelstrip, and Production Bundle
Sonnox Oxford Transmod and Inflator
Audio Ease all in pack
McDSP Native Classics
DMG audio Equality
Slate Digital FGX and VCC
Kush Audio UBK-1
ProAudio DSP Dynamic Spectrum Mapper
Inear Display plug ins
Big Beat Anthology
Camel Audio Camelspace and Camelphat
Zynaptiq Unveil
Fabfilter Timeless 2 and Volcano 2
Nebula 3 bundle
PSP Vintage Warmer, Nitro, Mixpack, Pianoverb
SFX Machine Pro
ValhallaRoom, ValhallaShimmer, and UberMod
DUY Everpack
Soundtoys Native Bundle
Izotope Ozone, Stutter Edit Pro
OHM Force Predatohm, Mobileohm, Quadfrohmage, Frohmage
Stillwell VIbe EQ, Major Tom, Event Horizon, 1973, Rocket Compressor
TC Elelctronic M30 reverb
Antares Autotune
Celomony Melodyne
Syncro Arts Vocalign
Serato Pitch N Time
Evolve Mutations
numerous others from SSL, SPL, Blue Cat audio, Camel, etc.

Acoustic Treatment
Auralex acoustic products
Custom bass traps

Additional Gear
Fishpole and battery-powered mixer for location sound
Canopus ADVC110 video interface for editing audio to video
Significant amounts of third party sounds, samples, and fx
Live sound workbox and related test, measurement, and repair equipment with a complement of adapters and spare or replacement parts, cables, headphones, etc.
Denon DN620 CD and tape deck
All gear kept in shockmount racks ready to travel as needed