All material was mixed, tracked, produced, or all three by Paul Kavicky at Paper Street Audio Company.
“Paul has exceptionally high standards for his quality of work and it is always prevalent in the final product. We have been extremely happy customers for over a decade.”
  • Angela Carter, Dublin Dance Center

"Paul Kavicky of Paper Street Audio brought a wealth of experience to sound design on our short film. His background working with musicians made the integration of a complex soundtrack with dialog and background elements seem effortless. And because Paul's state-of-the-art studio made for quick recording of actor voice over and ADR as well as synthesized and acoustic music, it became the one-stop solution for all of our post sound needs."

  • Aaron Friedman, Meister Boo Imagination

"Paul exceeded our every expectation.  Besides having the technical expertise, one of his most impressive qualities was his dedication to our project. He took the time to really understand the needs of our story and was devoted to turning our vision into a reality. He always strived to raise our production quality to the next level by offering out-of-the-box ideas and continuously refining the audio until we were all completely satisfied.  His passion, professionalism, and ability to overcome the adverse situations we faced in post, made all the difference for our short film. "
  • Ryan Conroy, Meister Boo Imagination